Management and Approach

In the establishment of ÇGMs, local demands are regarded and cooperation is made with local authority while technical assistance is provided by the Development Foundation of Turkey (TKV).  In ÇGMs, as well as the participation of children and parents, inter-organisational cooperation is also important. In ÇGMs, the aim is to develop a healthy dialogue between the neediest sections of population and governmental/civil society organisations and to lay the foundations of a human-centred peaceful and democratic society.

The children participating in ÇGMs are encouraged to take part in all running programmes. The programmes are designed and implemented according to needs, priorities, abilities and tendencies of children. For mothers, programmes and seminars on mother-child education, literacy, guidance and counselling, communication with children, adolescence are organised and held. Social support programmes and cultural/social activities are deigned to cover all household members.

Within the framework of partnerships, ÇGM buildings are provided by the Governorships, the District Governorships or the Municipalities.  Besides within the framework of partnerships with local authorities, the trainers are provided by relevant state institutions.

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