Activities For Families

Activities for Families: Activities for children also include families. The families with low-income and with problem children are guided to relevant institutions. The families especially mothers are informed with trainings on such as literacy, maternal and infant health. Visits to households and parents’ meetings are made. When needed (such as financial difficulty, disability) the families are guided to relevant institutions (such as Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations, Social Services). The health trainings are carried out in cooperation with different institutions and organisations.

Education Activities

Education Activities: For 7-14 age group, various trainings (study groups, support for school courses, courses for placement tests, computer lessons) are given.
The primary students need computers and library for their homework and research projects. However, limited internet and library facilities in their home and in cities and towns they reside in, prevent them conducting research. Development Centres enable students to conduct research by using internet through computers and to use books and encyclopaedias as sources in the libraries located in there. So that children are able to fulfil their homework in efficient way as well as benefit from technology by accessing to every information from all around the world.
The teachers and the parents of children have expressed that the school success rate of children who participated in Development Centres is increased and with this increase they gained self-confidence and positive social behaviour.

Pre-school Programmes

Pre-school Programmes: As an important element in child development, pre-school programmes are carried out for 5-6 age group. Pre-school programmes cover activities towards supporting social development, mental development and psycho-motor development. These activities include colour concept, shape concept, contrast concepts, number concept, copy-paste works, teaching eating habits, teaching cleaning habits, watching films on various topics (plants, animals, nature etc.), pantomime, drama, theatre, Turkish language, music and free time games.

Sports Activities

Sports Activities: With sports activities it is aimed at ensuring physical, mental and social development, discharging physical energy and emotional stress, developing self-confidence and ability of taking responsibility, sharing in teams, helping each other, controlling personal ambition in team games.

Social Activities

Social Activities: With social activities it is aimed at acquisition of taking and fulfilling responsibility, studying together, taking part in a group, developing self-confidence, good communication with people around, discovering their skills and giving efforts to improve these skills, learning to research, having skills to question ideas by coming up with new ideas.

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